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Magnetic Safety Flare Can Save your Life

Posted in [ Automotive ]

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Many fatal accidents are caused by vehicles ramming into a stationary vehicle by the roadside especially on highways. The danger is greatly amplified when it is dark or visibility is low. Most of the time, the driver of the vehicle causing the accident was unaware that the other vehicle was stationary. One way to avoid this from happening is to make it more obvious that there is a vehicle breakdown by placing light flares like the Magnetic Safety Flare.

The Magnetic Safety Flare is an LED emergency light in the shape of a disc about 4 inches in diameter and and 1.5 inch tall. The housing is made of bright orange plastic and it has a magnetic base. The light can be set to a number of flashing patterns or it can be permanently on. For emergency lighting purpose, it works best in any of the flashing modes.

In the event of a breakdown, place a few of the flares surrounding the vehicle to warn other drivers. Alternatively, just place the flare directly on the vehicle body using the magnetic base. Being highly visible in such situations can save your life.

The flares are normally sold in sets. You can buy them in sets of 3s up to as many as 12 in a set.
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Where to Buy Magnetic Safety Flare

The Magnetic Safety Flare makes an essential roadside tool for anyone on the road. Use them as Emergency Beacons during emergency breakdowns.

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