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nemonic Sticky Note Printer Makes Printing Reminders Fun

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You think of something. You quickly write it down on a yellow sticky note pad. You tear the note off. You stick it somewhere you won’t miss. That is how we create a reminder. At least, that was how it used to be. Most of us now use our phones. However, if you like the classic way or if you prefer physical visual reminders, the nemonic Sticky Note Printer is a bridge between the past and the present.

The nemonic Sticky Note Printer is a inkless. tonerless sticky note printer. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth. You use it to print important notes, tasks, drawings and pictures from your phone or computer. For work as well as for fun. Besides working with iOS and Android phones, you can also print from a PC.

The printer only prints in black. But the sticky note paper comes in white, pink, blue and of course yellow. The paper come in a special cartridge form that you can easily pop into the printer. Each cartridge prints 200 notes.

The printer itself comes in the same color options plus an extra green color option. Not sure if this means the option for green sticky note paper is coming soon. It is about the size of 4.6 inch cube and it is designed to look like a stack of sticky notes. At the top is a single slot where the notes are dispensed. On the lower right corner is a single dispenser button.

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nemonic lets you print photos or texts from your phone or PCs onto sticky notes without ink or toners. Compose, save, print and share saved memos easily.

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