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Have you ever wished you have a smart car? No, not the sub-compact Smart car that sits only two. Smart as in smart device. With the Automatic Smart Driving Assistant, you can actually make your car smarter and save some money on gas at the same time. How much money? How does $800 a year sound to you?

The Automatic Smart Driving Assistant is a smart device that plugs into your car’s data (OBD-II) port. The device uses Bluetooth technology to link with your smart phone. Both iOS and Android devices are supported. You can download the free app from the devices’ respective app stores.

The Automatic Smart Driving Assistant helps you save money on gas by analyzing and improving your driving habit. The app notifies you when you engage in fuel wasting driving habits like abrupt braking, speeding and rapid acceleration. At the end of each trip, you get a report on how well you are doing. It even tabulates a score for you to encourage you to adopt better driving habits.

The app also has a timeline that gives a detailed report on your distance traveled and travel destinations. The data is captured from both the car and from your smartphone. It even detects fill-ups and even tracks local gas prices to show you how much you’re spending.

In the event of a car crash, the Automatic Smart Driving Assistant will automatically send an alert to the local authorities. You can also set it to send a text message to loved ones.

Last but not least, the device can be used to let you know where you have parked your car. Never lose your car in a parking lot again.



Where to Buy Automatic Smart Driving Assistant


Automatic Smart Driving Assistant

Automatic is your smart driving assistant. Your smartphone and car can be connected. Automatic helps you make small changes to your driving habits to help save hundreds of dollars on gas.

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