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There are many bags and pouches out there that claim to be waterproof. Most of these are just made from waterproof or water resistant material. They are fine if you get caught in rain and your stuff with stay dry if you get water splashed on the bag. Don’t try dunking the entire bag or pouch in water. You’ll discover their definition of waterproof is pretty loose. Not unless the bag you are using is a Nite Ize RunOff Waterproof Bag.

Most bags are not truly waterproof because the zippers leak. The RunOff Waterproof Bag has a totally redesigned zipper to make it truly waterproof. This patented Tru Zip technology uses no teeth and has an IP67 rating. It is featured on Nite Ize’s entire range of RunOff products.

There are a total of 6 different products in the RunOff Waterproof Bags range. From the Wallet which is the smallest, to the Large Cube, a fairly large packing cube. The packing cubes are meant for storing clothes and fit in your luggage bag. Since the zippers have no teeth, there is no risk of the zippers chewing into your clothes. Not sure if a waterproof packing cube is all that useful. Maybe knowing that your clothes will remain dry no matter what happens to your bag is reassuring.

In between, there is a toiletry bag and a 3-1-1 Pouch that is designed to meet TSA regulations. For these 2 bags, the waterproof feature helps contain any accidental leaks and should come in handy.

The Wallet is more of a waterproof pouch than an actual wallet. There is only a single compartment so you can’t really organize your stuff. Of course, if your wallet is not too bulky, you can throw your entire wallet in there. It is not large enough to hold most phones. But it can fit your keys, some spare change and car remote. It is ideal for water sports and outdoor enthusiasts.

If you want to keep your phone and other small electronics dry, the Pocket is what you should get. It also makes a nice travel pouch as it is large enough to fit a passport and other travel essentials.

All the bags feature tabs and loops of some kind. You can use them to attach the bag to a carabiner, belt or bag strap.
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