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Are you looking for a safety cum multitool for your vehicle? Well, you can stop looking as we have found the perfect tool for you in the CarAIDE 3X. This successfully crowdfunded vehicle multitool has everything you need plus much, much, more.

The first thing that we loved about the CarAIDE 3X is its flashlight form factor. Yes, it does function as an LED flashlight. More importantly, it also has an SOS light with emergency flashing function. A handy magnet on the body lets you attach the light to your car body. This helps improve visibility of your vehicle especially in the dark.

However, you are probably more interested in its jump starter function. With its 12V 1000A peak current, it is strong enough to jump start vehicles with up to 4.0 L gas engines.

The device is powered by a 8000 mAh rechargeable battery. The battery lets the CarAIDE 3X function as a power bank or USB charger for your electronic devices. It has dual USB ports so you can charge 2 devices at the same time. Neat!

The flashlight shape makes it compact, handy and easy to store. You can store it in the glove compartment or one of the door pockets. We prefer to keep ours in one of the cup holders in the console between the car seats.

Why? We want the tool to be easily and quickly accessible by either the driver or the passenger. In an emergency, the CarAIDE 3X can be used as a window breaker or a seat belt cutter. Press the emergency alarm button and a piercing alarm sounds to help rescuers pinpoint your exact location.

The features we covered above already make the CarAIDE 3X one of the most versatile and useful tools for your car. And we haven’t even mentioned the rest of the features such as compass, thermometer and survival rope.

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