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If you see the phrase “cloud-ready notebook” you are probably thinking of a computer laptop that is connected to the internet. But what if you see the phrase “Microwave to erase cloud-ready notebook”? You are probably as puzzled as we were although if you were to pop a laptop into a microwave, it would probably get fried and thus “erased”. It becomes a little clearer when we realized the notebook refers to a real notebook, the paper kind. The Rocketbook Wave is a clever use of modern day technology to bring the humble notebook to the age of internet and cloud storage.

First of all, the Rocketbook Wave looks and functions like just any ordinary notebook. There is no hidden circuitry hidden somewhere that scans your notes and uploads them to the cloud. What it does have are a unique dot grid pattern, a QR code and 7 special symbols printed on every page.

You have no doubt taken photos of pages from a book to make a digital copy of it. Rocketbook Wave works on the same principle. You “scan” pages from the notebook using the camera on your smartphone and upload them using a special app. The dot grid pattern allows the app to automatically crop and correct the note’s perspective before it gets uploaded for storage. The QR code provides the page number so that your notes are always in the correct order.

Lastly, the symbols at the bottom tells the app which cloud storage service to upload to. The app currently supports most popular services including Dropbox, Evernote, Box and OneNote. Just cross out the services that you want to use and the app will make sure your notes get safely stored in the cloud.

Now that you understand the “cloud-ready” part, you are probably still wondering about the “microwave” part. Well, believe it or not, it literally means what it says. You can erase all the pages of the Rocketbook Wave by putting it in a microwave oven and heating it up. In order for this feature to work, you have to use Pilot Frixion pens with the notebook.

The pen’s ink is heat sensitive and will turn clear when it is heated up to 140°F/60°C. It uses a special type of ink known as Thermochromic ink. A special indicator on the notebook cover will let you know when the temperature is reached and the notebook is fully erased.

Once erased, you can reuse the notebook again and again. Over time, old writings will appear as faint “ghost” images although the app is able to ignore these faint writings. However, you can expect to reuse the Rocketbook Wave about 10 times. Each notebook has 80 pages.
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