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Considering that just about everyone uses the common toothbrush not just once but at least twice a day, the humble toothbrush has not seen much innovation ever since the invention of the electric toothbrush. That is probably why so much attention was given to the new innovative Travel Toothbrush from Banale, an Italian design firm that has taken creative spins on everyday objects.

We have been drilled since young about the importance of oral hygiene. Most if not all adhere to the brushing twice a day regime but dentists recommend that we brush after every meal. Unless you happen to be at home, this is unlikely situation as not many of us are disciplined enough to bring along a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste with us outside of home. Lets face it, even the travel size toothbrush and toothpaste are not really convenient to be carried around.

The Banale Travel Toothbrush deconstructs the common toothbrush and repackage it into a compact container that is about the size of a zippo lighter. What is even more interesting is that they managed to conceal a tube of toothpaste complete with a pump head dispenser inside the container.

To use the Banale Travel Toothbrush you first flip open the lock, then slide out the toothbrush head and pump out the toothpaste on the brush head at the same time. Then attach the brush back on the handle and you are ready to restore the shine to your pearly whites.

The compact and pocketable size of the Banale Travel Toothbrush means that you won’t have to think twice about bringing along your toothbrush with you whenever you are traveling, at work or eating out.

Each starter pack comes with the toothbrush plus 1 or 2 toothpaste pumps. Each pump has about 50 applications. The pump uses an airless technology which prevents the toothpaste inside from drying out if stored for long periods. You may purchase additional toothpaste pumps or toothpaste refill packs.

The Banale Travel Toothbrush is available in a wide range of attractive colors but if you are the conservative type, you can go for the plain white “ice” version.
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