The 3-String Guitar for Kids


If you ever tried learning to play the guitar when you were a kid, you no doubt learned the hard way that it is tough. It is also a pain until your finger tips develop calluses to reduce the soreness. Then there is the problem of getting your tiny, short fingers around the guitar neck. Some kids swear off learning the guitar completely after awhile. The Loog Guitar is a redesign of the guitar that is targeted at young players.

The Loog Guitar is not just a musical instrument but an entire leaning experience that teaches about the instrument as well as music creation. It comes as an unassembled kit so that the child and the parent can build and bond together (it also conviniently keep the packing and shipping cost lower).

With just 3 strings, it is much easier to play compared to a normal 6 string guitar. The Loog Guitar comes with nylon strings that are a little easier to play as well as easier on the finger tips. The guitar itself is made from real wood. Although it is designed with younger players in mind, the Loog is a real musical instrument and is suitable for older players who want to learn to play an instrument with a lower learning curve.

Whatever you learn on the Loog can be transferred over to a full 6 string guitar because it uses the same first 3 strings on a guitar. You just need to learn the finger placement on the other remaining 3 strings. The Loog Guitar comes with instructions and videos on how to play the guitar and how to read guitar chord diagrams. Once mastered, you can play any song as long as you have the guitar chords. Just ignore the last 3 strings.



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Loog Guitar

As easy as 1-2-3. With its 3 strings, the Loog Guitar makes it easier for kids to tune, play and listen to the notes they are playing.

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