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Hanz Inventors Lab Kit Takes Building Blocks to the Next Level

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Remember the Erector set? It has been a favorite toy for many generations of young children despite its suggestive sounding name. Like many traditional toys, the good old Erector set just cannot compete with the whiz bang of video games and other electronic toys. So how do you cultivate the budding engineer inside little Timmy? You need an updated version of the Erector set that takes the old building set to a whole new level like the Hanz Inventors Lab Kit.

The Hanz Inventors Lab Kit is more than just a kid’s toy. In fact, this building system is used by major corporations to educate their engineers and product designers on how to innovate, work collaboratively and come up with creative engineering solutions. This innovative toy is suitable for children 8 years and older. The building system uses a system of “brains”, beams, wheels, tires, and rubber bands as building blocks to build all kinds of structures, machines and vehicles.

Instructions are provided to get the child familiarized with the parts and how they work together. However, like any constructor toy, the fun is in designing and building your own creations. The possibilities are endless. The set can also be expanded by adding additional sets.

Once the child is familiar with the system, the child can be introduced to the community challenges that are found on the Hans Innovations community website. There are programs for teachers or parents and the children. Collaborate and compete with other builders on monthly challenges. Post and share the your favorite designs on the website.
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The Hanz Inventors Lab is new generation of toys for 21st Century kids. Take the building set to the next level by challenging other builders online.

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