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Merchandise that capitalize on the popularity of the Star Wars films has produced everything from Star Wars R2-D2 Christmas lights to a Frylo Ren Mr. Potato Head. Most of these merchandise are just poor excuses for a money grab. However, every once in awhile, we come across something that is obviously aimed at fleecing us poor Star War fanboys and girls of our hard earned money but they are so strong with the force, resistance is futile. The AT-AT Multi Stand is one of them.

When we first laid eyes on the AT-AT Multi Stand, we have to say that we weren’t that impressed. Then we realized how huge it was at over 10 inches tall! Okay, it got our attention at that point. It has various compartments for storing all your stationery including the head which has a hatch that pops open for storing small items like paper clips. The body section can be used as a coin box. Get out of here! The AT-AT is fully poseable. You can even pose it in the classic “kneeled over” position. At that point, we were already slowly pulling our wallets out without realizing it.

The pièce de résistance is a tiny snowspeeder that is to scale to the walker. You can wrap your USB charging cable around the legs of the AT-AT Multi Stand and attach the end of the cable to the tiny snowspeeder.

Yes, you can recreate the classic scene of a snowspeeder bringing down a walker by tripping it with a tow cable. This has got to be the most awesome cable management gadget ever! At this point we were totally sold and we bet you are too as well.

Oh yes, there is also a Japanese name stamp hidden there somewhere but frankly at this point, nothing else really matters.

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