The Power Adapter for Apple Fans


If you are a true blue fan of Apple’s products, the Twelve South PlugBug World is the only power adapter that you will ever need. It is both a worldwide power adapter that fits most global electrical outlets and it is also a dual charger that allows you to charge your MacBook and iPhone/iPad at the same time.

The Twelve South PlugBug World has a rather unique and stylish design that piggybacks on your MacBook Power Adapter. A design that we are sure that even Jony Ive would approve of. The PlugBug has a swappable plug with 5 different plug designs that covers most countries in the world (US/Canada/Japan, Continental Europe, UK/Hong Kong/Singapore, China, Australia/New Zealand).

The PlugBug World also adds a 2.1 Amp USB charging port that can charge your iOS device up to 2 times faster than the factory power pack. When you don’t need to charge your MacBook, the PlugBug can work as a charger on its own.



Where to Buy Twelve South PlugBug World


Twelve South PlugBug World

Twelve South is pleased to unveil PlugBug World, an all-in-one USB iPad/iPhone charger that converts any MacBook Power Adapter into a dual charger that can be used globally.

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