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The Lifesaver water filters we have featured on GetdatGadget so far are mainly for solo or a couple of explorers on camping trips with easy access to water sources. However, for larger groups going on expeditions or embarking on overland travelling or even folks planning on off-grid living, those devices will not be adequate. Lifesaver has just the product for you in the form of the Lifesaver Jerrycan.

The Lifesaver Jerrycan is essentially the big brother version of the Lifesaver Bottle. While the bottles can hold up to 25 ounces of water, the jerrycan version can hold a whopping 5 gallons. With that much water, you can use it for drinking, washing and cooking.

Both products uses the same filtering technology that filters out 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.99% of viruses and 99.9% of cysts. The filtered water is clean, safe and has no chemical aftertaste. This is unlike water purified using chemical purification methods.

Also like the bottle version, there is a built-in hand pump to produce the pressure required to quickly filter water. It has a tap where you can easily draw out the water from the can.

The can is made from tough and durable plastic material designed to withstand the harshest conditions. On the side of the cans are 2 holes for securing the can. They can also be used with an axle for easy lifting or for tilting the can.

The idea behind the Lifesaver Jerrycan is to fill it up with unfiltered water from any water source, and filter the water when needed. The included filter is rated to last up to 5,300 gallons (20,000 litres) of water. That is enough water to sustain a family of 4 for nearly a year.
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