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The Backpack With a Hammock That Deploys in Seconds


Sleeping on the ground while on a weekend of camping is probably the least enjoyable part of the trip. Especially if the ground is damp or if there are bugs. What you need is a camping hammock that deploys in seconds. The HackedPack with a built-in hammock is just that hammock.

The HackedPack backpack hammock is a recently funded Kickstarter project. Not only does it come with a hammock, the HackedPack comes with all the accessories required to set up the hammock. Just strap the hammock to a couple of trees and both you and your hammock can rest peacefully above and away from the creepy crawlies and soggy ground.

With the HackedPack backpack hammock, sleeping time may very well turn out to be the best part of the trip.

Incidentally, this is a limited edition of the backpack so get it quick before they are all gone.
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