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Batman Eye Mask – Sleep Like a Superhero

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The Batman Eye Mask by Langria lets you add a little pizzazz to those around you while you sleep. After all, who wouldn’t get a kick out of an eye mask that is shaped like Batman’s mask?

The novelty of the dark knight‘s mask aside, the Batman Eye Mask is actually a pretty good eye mask. For starters, it has contoured eye cups. This means that the mask does not apply pressure on your eyes. For ladies (or Batwomen), it also means that the mask won’t smudge your eye makeup.

Just like the eye cups, the nose bridge area of the mask is also contoured. The mask forms around your nose bridge and is better at blocking out light compared to flat sleeping masks. Again for the ladies, this also helps lessen smudging your makeup.

The Batman Eye Mask contours plus an adjustable velcro strap help mask out most outside light thus letting you have better sleep. Last but not least, the mask is made from memory foam material. You can fold it up for storage but it will still retain its contoured shape when you unfold it for use. It is the perfect travel companion for traveling and also napping during the day.
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The Batman Eye Mask with 3D contoured shape on the nose and eyes areas improves comfort and blocks all the light out so you can enjoy a perfect sleep.

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