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You no longer need a key to keep your bike secured. Introducing Skylock, the keyless way to secure your bike. It features keyless entry, theft detection, crash alerts, and more. Locking your bike has never been easier. Simply snap the shackle into the lockbar and walk away.

This innovative device locks itself automatically. It has a built-in accelerometer for detecting a theft attempt which will then prompt Skylock to send you an alert on your phone. Skylock comes in a steel housing, a durable rubber cover, and is extremely robust. It utilizes a 256-bit elliptic-curve cryptography to keep your bike safe. What that means is that no one is going to be hacking the lock electronically and opening it anytime soon.

Skylock has 3 ways to unlock your bike. The first and the easiest is to use the proximity sensor feature. With your phone in your pocket, just approach your bike and Skylock unlocks automatically. Just like the keyless entry feature on cars. The second way is to tap the unlock button on the Skylock app. Lastly, if you don’t have your phone with you, you can always tap out a combination code using the built-in capacitive panel on the lock itself.


With Skylock, you give yourself peace of mind. If you are caught in an accident or in an unfortunate situation, you can set the device to automatically notify family, friends, or even the authorities.

It combines solar charging with ultra-low power design giving you enough battery power to last for months. If you are running low on battery, simply plug-in and quickly charge via the USB port and you are ready to go again.

Another interesting feature about Skylock is that you can share your bike with others. Just send them an electronic key via the Skylock app and they can unlock your bike just as easy. With the app, you can even share your bike’s location to anyone on your network so that they will know where to find it.

Featured in publications such as Mashable, Wired, Engadget, Cnet, and others, the Skylock uses multisensory technology to provide remote monitoring and crash alerts keeping you and your bike safe. Your smartphone acts as the key and remote control. Securing your bike has never been this easy with Skylock.

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