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Smartphone owners have no lack of choice when it comes to car mounts for their cars. Most car dash mounts that we have used and reviewed here on GetdatGadget use either suction cups or clip on to the AC vents for mounting. The Remax Car Mount on the other hand uses the friction properties of a silicone mat to hold the mount and your phone in place.

We never really did fancy mounts that attach to the AC vents as they block the air passage. The new silicone based suction cups work pretty well but they do leave a layer of adhesive on the dash or windshield. The Remax Car Mount requires no suction cups and it is just a couple of rubber holders that hold your phone in place that are mounted to a silicone mat. The bottom of the pad feels a little sticky but there is no adhesive used so you don’t have to worry about damaging your dash.

The phone is held in place by a couple of holding clips with rubber pegs that are not that easy to fit into the mat. There are many mounting holes on the pad for you to customize the position of the pegs to fit the size and orientation of your phone. Once mounted, they are unlikely to fall out. We like the fact that it is fairly easy to place the phone into the mount with just one hand.

Since the mat is made from soft silicone, it can be placed on a curved dashboard. While it doesn’t look like it, the friction from the pad is sufficient to hold the Remax Car Mount in place even with quick acceleration, quick turns and sudden stops. There is some space in front of the phone mount that you can use to place small items like keys and wallet. The surface of this area is grippy as well so anything you place there stays in place as well.

Last but not least, the car mount comes with a phone charger features as well. The included magnetic charging cable has a dual Apple Lightning/MicroUSB connector on one end while the other end end has a magnetic connector that snaps on to the charging port on the mat itself.

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