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Quadcopters or drones are such a big hit because they are easy and so much fly to pilot. The other reason drones are so popular is that you can mount a camera on some of the models. Initially, this was a feature that was only available on the high-end models that cost hundreds of dollars. As with any tech feature, it was only a matter of time before it becomes available on lower end models. The JJRC H11WH is a quadcopter that comes equipped with an HD camera and it has a price tag well below a hundred dollars.

Camera mounted drones bring drone piloting to a whole new level. No longer are you a remote pilot controlling your flying machine from a distance. With an FPV (First Person View) camera sending you a live feed, you feel that you are right in the thick of the flying action. It is as close as you can get to actually piloting an aircraft without getting a pilot’s license and getting into the cockpit of an airplane.

The JJRC H11WH WiFi Quadcopter keeps the price tag low because you need to use your smartphone to display the live feed from the onboard camera. You can control the drone using either the included RC gamepad style controller or via an app running on your smartphone. On the phone, you can either use a pair of virtual joysticks or your phone’s gyroscope to control the drone. Pretty cool.

One other interesting feature about this quadcopter is that you can remotely control the up-down angle of the mounted HD camera. You don’t get a smooth panning motion when the angle changes but being able to change the angle remotely does allow for much more versatility when making video shoots.

Flying the JJRC H11WH WiFi Quadcopter is easy as it has many beginner features like headless mode, one press return and altitude hold. Even making impressive air acrobatics is made easy with a one button 360 degree rollover function.

The JJRC H11WH WiFi Quadcopter is available from GearBest with free international shipping.

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