The Indestructible Flash Drive


If you have critical digital data that you need to keep safe under the most extreme conditions and to outlive even you, you need to save the data on the  LaCie XtremKey USB Flash Drive. Even after you are long gone from a fall of a thousand feet, or froze to death in -22°F temperatures, or burnt to a crisp at 392°F, or drowned in 656 feet of water, you can die peacefully knowing that your data on the Lacie XtremKey is still safe.

The LaCie XtremKey USB Flash Drive is the indestructible flash drive made from ZAMAC metal alloy construction and is designed to withstand the harshest degrees of shock, pressure and temperatures. If there is anything you would like to tell the aliens who discover Earth after the end of the world, put in on the LaCie XtremKey.


Where to Buy LaCie XtremKey USB Flash Drive


LaCie XtremKey USB Flash Drive

If you want to push the limits of speed, capacity, and security for your data, the LaCie XtremKey was built with you in mind.

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