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Every time we travel, the number of portable electronic devices we carry with us tend to grow. We now have phones, laptops, tablets, power banks, noise-cancelling headphones, DSLR cameras, portable speakers plus many, many other electronic gadgets. One of the biggest problems faced by travelers is keeping all devices fully charged and ready for the next day. Most hotel rooms just don’t have enough power outlets. Even worse, if you are in a foreign country and power adapters are required. The last thing you want is to add a bulky power strip to your travel bag. What you need is the Mogics Bagel, the solution to all your travel charging problems.

The Mogics Bagel is a essentially a power strip. But the designers have taken all that we know and are familiar with a power strip and threw them out the window.

Firstly, it is shaped nothing like a power strip. However, the bagel shape (hence the name) is not just aesthetic as it has an important function. Long and narrow power strips have the problem of the chargers getting in the way of each other. By arranging the AC power outlets around the circumference of the bagel, the chances of this happening is much slimmer. No more wasted outlets.

The bagel shape itself is hollow and houses a 3 feet long extension cord. You can safely place the Mogics Bagel on the table even if the power outlet is located close to the floor. You can adjust the length to your liking so no messy loose cords on the floor that you are likely to trip over. It of course comes with a universal adapter that fits any AC outlet in the world.

This revolutionary power strip has 5 AC universal sockets plus 2 USB charging ports that support fast charging. That is plenty of charging sockets which should cover all your charging needs.

All of the above are quite impressive features for a travel power strip. However, we saved the best for last. The Mogics Bagel is 3.2 inches in diameter and 1.1 inch thick. It weighs an incredibly lightweight 4.2 oz. That means that it is small and light enough to fit in your shirt pocket. This makes this power strip a no-brainer add on to a road warrior’s arsenal.

If you don’t travel internationally, you may be interested in the US-only version that comes with 5 US AC sockets. It is called the Mogics Donut. The rest of the specifications are more or less the same.
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