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I’ve been looking for the perfect solution for an easy to use and convenient way to answer calls while driving for quite awhile now and I think I have finally found what I am looking for with the Super Mini Bluetooth Earbud.

Initially I started out using a bluetooth headset. But I didn’t like the idea of always having to stick something in the ear while I’m driving and it is also really uncomfortable to do so on long drives. Then I started routing my calls  through my car stereo which meant I didn’t have to stick something in my ear. Unfortunately, that meant broadcasting my calls to the other passengers in my car. Again, that is not an ideal solution.

What I needed was a solution that used a headset of some kind that I can quickly put on when there is a call but remove when not in use. It would also be a bonus if I don’t have to worry about making sure that the battery is charged. The Gosund XP01 Super Mini Bluetooth Earbud seems to fit my requirements perfectly.

There has been a proliferation of tiny bluetooth earbuds lately. They are wireless and fit into the ear while connected to your smartphone via bluetooth. They are great as earphones but they have one major problem – short battery life. While short battery life is huge drawback for a pair of headphones, it is not that much of an issue for a car hands free kit.

The Gosund XP01 Super Mini Bluetooth Earbud pairs with your smartphone and works like any bluetooth headset. It is really tiny and fits snugly in your ear. It also comes with a few different sized ear tips if the fit isn’t good enough for you. It has support for Bluetooth 4.0 so battery drain on your smartphone is minimal. It also powers off automatically when idle to save on battery.

The Gosund XP01 comes with a charger that fits into your car’s 12V charger port. The earbud itself pops into the charger magnetically. You don’t have to fiddle with any cables. It is really easy to just pop out the earbud and fit it into your ear without taking your eyes off the road. And once you are done with your call, just pop it back in. The charger will always keep the earbud’s battery charged and ready for use.

You can use the earbud for listening to music as well but there is only one earbud which means no stereo sound. Furthermore, bass is lacking and of course there is the issue of battery life. It only lasts about 90 mins at best.

The earbud charger has a USB charger port as well that can be used to charge your phone at the same time.
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