The Sensation of Walking Barefoot on Grass


You can’t say you have lived unless you walked barefooted on grass. With the Kusa Unisex Grass Flip Flops, not only can you make the claim that you have experienced the joy of walking barefooted on grass, you can enjoy this sensation anytime and anywhere.

Walking on grass feels natural and there is a certain sense of comfort and closeness with nature. The unique Syn-Turf material used for creating the grass material on the Kusa flip flops duplicates this feeling as closely as possible. When worn the Syn-Turf shapes itself to follow the contours of your feet giving you an extra layer of comfort that is truly unique.

Best of all, you can now experience the feeling of walking on grass without the need to actually mow the lawn.



Where to Buy Kusa Unisex Grass Flip Flops


Kusa Unisex Grass Flip Flops

Love the feeling of bare feet on freshly mowed grass?  Why not have that feeling anywhere, anytime.  KUSA unisex grass flip flops give you the opportunity to do just that.

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