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Baendit take eyewear to a whole new level of flexibility and customization. When we say flexibility, we mean it literally. Baendit frames are made from a new material known as TR-90 polymer. This remarkable material is super strong but is lightweight and incredibly flexible and impact resistant. It is a memory polymer material that is also referred to as plastic titanium.

Being super flexible and malleable means that the frame can be twisted and flexed without breaking. With a little imagination, your eyewear can be so much more than just protection or visual aid for your eyes. For example, your glasses can be folded into a really compact form to save on space.

Or why hide it when not in use? Baendit eyewear can be worn around your wrist, your forearm or even securely wrapped around your bag strap. Your eyewear can now be a fashion statement. Need a stand to prop up your smartphone on the table, just twist your eyewear into one.

Baendit eyewear is also modular. Each and every part of the frame can be taken apart and you can mix and match with other Baendit parts. Create your very own, one of a kind eyewear.

The individual eyewear parts can be useful as well. Missing an elastic band to tie your hair? Just use one of the ear pieces and twist it around your hair.
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