Protects iPad, Headphones and Other Must-Have Accessories


We think that Twelve South’s range of iPad and iPhone covers that make them look like old books are great. You can go one step further and hide your iPad plus all accessories in Twelve South’s new BookBook Travel Journal. The BookBook Travel Journal looks like a cross between the BookBook iPad case and the Cocoon Grid-It Organizer.

Inside the case, there is space to hold your iPad plus lots of pockets and adjustable bands to hold all your iPad accessories like your power adapter, cables, USB drives, stylus, mouse, earbuds or high-end headphones. Everything is neatly arranged and easily retrieved when needed. No more dumping all your accessories in your backpack or handbag and then rummaging for your accessory when you need it.

The BookBook Travel Journal’s front and back hard covers and rigid spine gives ample protection to your iPad and accessories. Like the other BookBook vintage book cases, the Travel Journal gives additional protection to your gear because it really looks like an old book. Chances are even if you accidentally leave it behind, it will be ignored until you come back for it.

Suitable for all versions of the iPad including the iPad mini and iPad Air.



Where to Buy Twelve South BookBook Travel Journal for iPad


Twelve South BookBook Travel Journal for iPad

BookBook Travel Journal looks like a vintage book, but it’s really a dapper, hardback leather case designed to hold your iPad and the essential accessories that go with it.

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