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Who doesn’t love a holiday and traveling abroad? However, if you are not careful or just plain unlucky, your dream holiday can easily turn into a nightmare experience. Depending on where you go and sometimes your luck, losing your wallet and other valuables to a pickpocket or a snatch thief is a real risk and highly probable too. Being stranded in a foreign country without money and travel documents is not a situation you want to be caught in. Take travel insurance in the form of the Travel Security Belt from Zero Grid the next time you travel.

Zero Grid has an amazing range of travel accessories that are focused on durability, portability and minimalism. Adding to their impressive range is the brand new Travel Security Belt. Most travelers are no doubt familiar with the travel waist pouch but this travel belt is like no waist pouch. This is no bulky and ugly storage compartment that you wear around your waist that screams out “Easy pickings tourist!”. If you didn’t know better, you would think that it is just another ordinary belt.

The Travel Security Belt looks and functions just like any nylon belt so yes, it does hold up your pants. But it also holds quite a bit of cash plus paper copies of your important documents. Hidden in the belt itself is a zippered compartment on the reverse side of the belt. The compartment opening is much wider than comparable products which makes it real easy to extract your hidden stash without removing the belt. Just twist the belt slightly, unzip and pull out what you need.

Another advantage that the Travel Security Belt has over other belts with smaller compartments is that you only need to fold your bills once instead of double folding. Last but definitely not least, this travel belt has a plastic buckle instead of a metal one. This means that you can pass through airport security without going through the hassle of removing it.

The Travel Security Belt is unisex and its one size fits all design is suitable for waist sizes from 26″ to 42″.
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