Create the Perfect Cup of Tea


One of the perks of working here at GetdatGadget is that we get tea served to us by the tea lady. However, as much as I appreciate the tea served to me, the tea lady keeps getting my tea wrong. Sometimes there is too much milk and sometimes there is too little. I decided then to get myself the My Cuppa Tea tea mug. Now, all is fine and dandy with the world again.

The My Cuppa Tea helps make the perfect cup of tea by adding a tea color matching guide along the insides of the mug. Just pour tea from the kettle and then add milk to the tea until it matches the color that you desire. The colors range from “Just tea” to “Milky”.



Where to Buy My Cuppa Tea


My Cuppa Tea

My Cuppa Tea has been created for tea lovers who crave the perfect cuppa every time they boil the kettle. Equipped with a colour matching guide on the inside to get your brew to just how you like it, from milky to builders brew.

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