For many, the smartphone is their primary camera even if they own a much better camera such as a DSLR. However, with the advancement of optics technology, the camera on your smartphone is no slouch. For those who are used to having a multitude of lenses to play with, the smartphone camera may seem restrictive. While it cannot compare to the swapable lens on a DSLR, the iZZi Slim iPhone Case does provide a total of 4 camera lenses that equips the smartphone photographer a wider range of options when taking a photo.

Add-on lenses for smartphones are not new but such lenses usually require you to carry the lenses separately and you have to manually attach the lens to use them as they are usually too bulky to be left on the phone when not in use. The iZZi Slim iPhone Case with 4-in-1 Lens Solution on the other hand incorporates 4 interchangeable lenses into a slim iPhone case.

Designed for the iPhone 5/5s, this case has a rotating lens selector. You have an option of 4 different lenses, a 2X telephoto lens, a fish eye lens, a wide angled lens and a macro lens. Just rotate the selected lens in place on top of the iPhone camera lens. The macro lens is accessed by twisting off the wide angled lens. The lenses can be used for both photos and video.

You can still take a photo or video without any of the lenses by just rotating the add-on lenses out of the way. The iZZi Slim iPhone Case is perfect for those who who want more lens options for their iPhone but do not want the inconvenience of carry around extra accessories.



Where to Buy iZZi Slim iPhone Case with 4-in-1 Lens Solution


iZZi Slim iPhone Case with 4-in-1 Lens Solution

The iZZi Slim iPhone Case packs 4 different swapable lenses into a slim iPhone case. Take a wider variety of photos with the telephoto, fish eye, wide angled and macro lenses.

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