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Your favorite tech devices like your smartphone, tablet and laptop computer are getting smaller and lighter. The good news is of course you can now bring them along with you while taking up less storage space and weighing a whole lot less. The bad news is you are now more likely to lose your devices to snatch thieves or if you misplace your carrying bag. Your precious devices may also get damaged due to your bag getting wet. What you need is a waterproof backpack that is so secured, you can even leave it on its own unattended. What you need is the Code 10 backpack.

The Code 10 backpack is a water-proof, theft-proof and tech-ready backpack that is specially designed to carry all your tech devices plus your other valuables. To protect your valuables, the backpack has a special zip, roll-down and buckle system. By rolling down the top of the bag, it keeps the zipper hidden and prevents someone else from opening the zipper while you are carrying the backpack.

The second security feature is a built-in steel locking cable with an integrated combination lock. Besides preventing anyone from opening the backpack, you can also use the cable to secure the bag to any fixed object like a railing or fixture. Without a special cutting tool, it is virtually impossible to open or remove the backpack.

The fold and lock feature not only keeps the Code 10 backpack secured but it also makes the backpack waterproof. The backpack itself is made from 100% waterproof TPU material. Instead of normal stitching, the seams on the bag welded using a special high frequency technique to create a truly waterproof backpack.

Every order of the Code 10 backpack comes with a couple of great freebies. The first is a special removable tech sleeve that is designed to hold a laptop up to 15″ in size plus lots of useful compartments for storing your phone, chargers, cables, power bank, headphones plus most of your other gear. Instead of rummaging through different compartments and pockets inside the backpack to find all your gear, you have them all on a single removable sleeve.

The second freebie is a RFID-safe travel wallet. This travel wallet can be used for storing your passport, boarding passes, foreign currency and credit cards. It has RFID blocking to keep your personal info safe from identity thieves.

Other features of the Code 10 backpack include shoulder straps that can stashed away when you don’t need them. Convert the backpack into a messenger bag or a drybag in just seconds. Besides the main compartment, there is also a secure hidden pocket for your phone or wallet and a couple of easy access card pockets on the shoulder straps. These are perfect for a frequently used travel pass.

The Code 10 backpack was recently successfully funded on both Indiegogo and Kickstarter but you can still get in on the action and pre-order one at a significantly lower price than its expected retail price. What’s more if you pre-order now, you will get a couple of great freebies plus free worldwide shipping thrown in.
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