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Clicker RANG is a new smart watch cum fashion accessory from South Korea that is specifically designed for women. This new smart watch that was successfully funded on Kickstarter is also unique because of its emphasis on safety. Through simple gestures such as covering the watch face with your hand, it can be set to send a message to a loved one to let them know that you are in trouble or if you are okay.

In an emergency, we may not have the luxury of time to scroll through our phone to call someone for help. Sometimes, all that you need to do is to send a short text message to someone to let them know that you need help plus your current GPS location. On the Clicker RANG, this can be done by just grabbing and covering the watch face for 2 seconds. At the same time, the watch emits an emergency siren. If you do not wish to activate the siren, just grab the watch for 5 seconds. This safety feature is designed to be easy to use. Anyone can learn to use it from small children to the elderly.

By pressing on various areas on the touch sensitive watch face you can initiate all kinds of actions such as sending a short message to someone to inform that you are okay, finding a misplaced phone by making it ring, trigger the camera shutter to take a selfie, or instantly turn on audio recording. The Clicker RANG also has a special fireworks emoticon feature that lets you send an emoticon message by just using the watch face. Last but not least, it can also tell the time of course.

The accompanying app also has a couple of games that make use of the grabbing function of the watch. These are very simple games but it is nice to see the developer thinking out of the box to find more applications for the hardware.

As a fashion accessory, the Clicker RANG is much more than just a watch. With optional accessories, it can be worn as a bracelet, a necklace or even as a simple keychain. As a watch, there are tons of watch strap styles and materials to choose from. There are vintage leather straps and modern colorful silicone straps.
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