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3D Play Carpet – Play Mats Just Got More Awesome

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Play mats are great. Kids can spend hours playing on them. A plain old play mat becomes a bursting metropolis by throwing in a few toy cars, some road signs, a few pedestrians, play buildings made from boxes and cartons plus most importantly, a whole lot of imagination. While the classic play mat is great, it just got a little more awesome with the 3D Play Carpet.

The 3D Play Carpet add a 3rd dimension to the normally flat play mat. Think of it as a thick rug with parts of it shaved off to create the roads and parking lots. It is a simple idea but it adds a whole lot more realism to the landscape.


The 3D Play Carpet comes in a few designs but we really love the one that features an airport and a sea port on top of the usual roadways and parking lots. Now your kid’s toy planes and toy boats get to join in the fun as well.

Not into cars, boats and planes? There are versions of the carpet that resemble a flat 2D doll house complete with different rooms and furniture. You can always customize the home with more dollhouse furniture. There is even a version of the carpet that features a beach front double home.
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The 3D Play Carpet includes an airport with parking lots, runways, ocean and port and a bus stop. With a fun rug like this, who needs battery operated toys?

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