Don’t you hate the clutter of messy charging cables all over your desktop? Don’t you hate looking for the correct charging cable among the tangle of wires? Don’t you hate having the buy a new charging docks every time you buy a new device? So much hate. Let us all give a little love to the Any Device Charging Dock instead.

The Any Device Charging Dock is the One Dock to rule them all. The Any Device Charging Dock is compatible with over 2,500 devices and unless there is any drastic change in charge connectors (we are looking at you Apple), it should be compatible with all future devices as well.

The Any Device Charging Dock has 3 docking ports with interchangeable connectors. It comes with one each of 3 different types of connectors – Lightning connector, 30-pin connector and mini USB connector plus 2 micro USB connectors as that is the most common connector. The dock works with every iPad, iPhone and iPod ever released by Apple. The micro USB and mini USB connectors should work with most if not all Android smart phone and tablet plus the Blackberries and Windows phones as well.

Up to four devices can be charged simultaneously. Three on the connectors on the dock and a fourth one via a USB port on the side.


Where to Buy Any Device Charging Dock


Any Device Charging Dock

The Any Device Charging Dock is the recharging dock that is compatible with 2,500 devices and can charge up to 4 devices at the same time. Buy from Hammacher Schlemmer


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