Carrying around a fat wallet is not only inefficient and unsightly, it is literally a pain in the butt. Carry only the essentials with you and join the slim or minimalist wallet revolution. The Mujjo iPhone 5 Wallet is a handsomely made leather wallet with a sleeve that is tailored for your iPhone 5/5s/5c plus an integrated pocket for storing a few cards and a little cash. The Mujjo wallet forces you to evaluate the essential items that goes into your wallet.

Mujjo iPhone 5 Wallet

The Mujjo iPhone 5 Wallet is made from full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather which gives the wallet a very unique look. The leather is purposely left cosmetically untouched to give it that raw look that is accentuated by fine craftsmanship. The wallet is made from a single piece of leather that is carefully stitched together. Nothing else adorns the wallet except for the elegantly embossed Mujjo branding on the front of the pocket. The pocket slant makes it easier to remove and insert your cards.

The Mujjo iPhone 5 Wallet is the perfect companion for storing and keeping your iPhone 5 safe and sound.



Where to Buy Mujjo iPhone 5 Wallet


Mujjo iPhone 5 Wallet

Cleverly cut out of one single piece of leather, the Mujjo iPhone 5 Wallet creates a slim and secure space for your iPhone and cards in just one stitch.

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