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The folding bike lock is a fairly new type of bike lock that has metal sections that fold away like a carpenter’s ruler. They have gained popularity among cyclists because they have the versatility of a chain lock but much more versatile compared to a U-lock. If you own a bike, why not check out the Inbike Folding Bike Lock? Unlike your usual bike locks, it is portable and easy to carry around while giving your bike the protection it needs.

The best feature of the Inbike Folding Bike Lock is how compact and light it is. Because of the way it is folded, the lock takes up minimal space and can be easily secured to your bike frame. There is a mounting cage that can be secured to the frame with screws or if there are no suitable mounting holes, you can use the included non-slip straps.

The lock itself has a coating of ABS rubber. The rubber coating adds a fun splash of color on the bright blue or orange versions of the Inbike Folding Lock. However, don’t be fooled by the bright coloring as this bike lock is as tough as they come. The coating is mainly for protecting the lock from the environment and also prevents the lock from scratching the paintwork off your bike. No worries about thunderstorms or searing heat from the sun damaging the lock.

The Inbike Folding Bike Lock is made up of 8 ultra strong steel alloy metal joints that are rated as anti-hydraulic shears. That means that you won’t be able to break the metal bars or the joints with hydraulic shears. Unfolded, the lock is about 26″ in total length which should be long enough for locking your bike in most circumstances. You can just lock the wheel to the frame or for added protection, lock your bike to a pole or fence.

Of course, no lock is impossible to break given the right tools and enough time. Under most circumstances, the Inbike Folding Bike Lock is enough of a deterrent to the most persistent bike thief. You might not want to rely on this lock for a $2,000 bike but for the rest of us “normal” cyclists out there, the Inbike Folding Bike Lock is a great balance between versatility, ease-of-use, safety and cost.

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