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How would you like to leave what you are having for your dinner tonight to chance? On a bad day, even the best cook can have the equivalent of “writer’s block”. When this happens, just pull out your Foodie Dice and let the food gods decide the fate of your meal. And have a little fun at the same time.

Don’t worry, the Foodie Dice is well designed and won’t cause you to have food poisoning or suggest chocolate pickles with spicy rice. It consists of a set of 5 primary dice and 4 seasonal veggie dice. If you use the dice as instructed, you will get a well-balanced meal. How it tastes is still entirely up to you and your cooking skills.

The primary dice covers the main food groups (protein, grain/carb, herb & bonus ingredient) plus a suggested cooking method. The seasonal veggies dice covers spring, summer, fall, or winter veggies. The actual ingredient suggestions range from common to more adventurous ones. To formulate your meal, just pick up the 5 primary dice, add the appropriate seasonal veggie die and roll.

Mathematically, you have 186,000 unique meals to choose from based on how the dice are set up. Chances are you won’t be having a repeated meal for the rest of your life. Not even if you cook 2 meals a day, every day. An example of what you may be eating is pan fried pork with pasta in a mushroom oregano sauce. Served with a side of sweet corn. Yummy!

The Foodie Dice even caters to those with special diets. If you are a vegan, the protein dice has a vegetarian option for each suggestion. For a Paleo-friendly meal, just remove the the grains/carb die and roll the veggie die twice.

The dice are made from wood and the faces are laser engraved. They come in a cotton muslin pouch. The Foodie Dice are made in the USA.
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