National Presto Saladshooter. We admit it. This kitchen gadget got us at Saladshooter. A salad shooter. You can’t get any cooler than that. Every kitchen should have one. Every family member should have one of their own for salad wars. And if the kids don’t eat their greens, threaten to shoot the greens directly down their throats!

Just put all kinds of vegetables and fruits like cucumber, cabbage, lettuce and carrots down the National Presto Saladshooter chute and it literally slices and shoots out prepared food directly into a salad bowl. It can also be used for grating cheese, ice, coconut and chocolate. Great tool for preparing a quick pizza with lots of grated cheese, coleslaw or even snow cones by using the salad shooter as an ice grater.

The National Presto Saladshooter can be used to cut up different kinds of food without the need for a clean-up between the ingredients.  Once you are done, just dismantle the gadget and place it in the dishwasher.


Where to Buy National Presto Saladshooter


National Presto Saladshooter

Quickly slices or shreds vegetables, fruits, cheese, and more for sensational salads, perfect pizzas, terrific tacos and delicious desserts.

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