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The Toolbox BBQ may look like an unassuming, ordinary classic metal toolbox. However, imagine the look of your guests who are wondering why you brought a toolbox to a BBQ party when you open it up. The toolbox unfolds and transforms into a portable BBQ grill complete with warming rack and storage tray.

Although the Toolbox BBQ is just a portable BBQ grill, it has a pretty sizable 8 x 15 inch stainless steel grill area. That is enough space for a small BBQ party. Charcoal can be fed through the removable fuel tray and it even has a adjustable vent for controlling the air flow.

The warming rack is perfect for heating up a few buns while the burger patties are cooking on the grill. The storage area is perfect for keeping your top secret BBQ sauce and your herb and spices within easy reach.

Don’t worry about this cute red toolbox losing its color after a couple rounds of BBQ. The red paint is super high temperature resistant so that the box can keep its good looks.

The Toolbox BBQ is the perfect portable grill for the BBQ enthusiast. Whether it is at the beach, the camp grounds or even at your own backyard, this is the right tool to get the job done.

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