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Most of us underestimate the dangers of a home fire. Yes, we know that home fires kill but we do not realize how little time we have to get out of a burning home before it becomes too late. About 80% of deaths in a home fire is caused by smoke inhalation instead of the actual fire itself. So while the fire isn’t big enough to kill, most victims succumb to inhalation of toxic fumes or carbon monoxide before they can get out. The Saver Emergency Breath System is a portable breathing system that filters out the smoke and toxic gases and gives you an critical extra 5 minutes of breathable air.

Most homes have smoke detectors and fire extinguishers installed. These are your first line of defense against a home fire. The detector alerts you of a possible fire while the extinguisher lets you put out a small fire. But fires can grow out of control really fast making the only alternative is to get out of the home as quickly as you can.

The Saver Emergency Breath System is an easy to use system with high tech triple filter system that can filter out toxic chemical substances, carbon monoxide and other toxic gases. The filter can provide the user with up to 5 full minutes of breathable air and thus allowing sufficient time to exit the burning home.

To use the Saver Emergency Breath System, just remove the plastic cover, take the nosepiece and clamp it over your nose to prevent breathing through the nose, pull out the cap on the filter clamp, place the mouthpiece into your mouth and breathe normally.

The kit also comes with a separate bright emergency LED flashlight with a build-in alarm. The flashlight helps you find your way in the dark while the alarm helps alert first responders to your location.

The Saver Emergency Breath System is available individually, as a 2-person set or a 4-person set. The 4-person set comes with a wall-mounted display for easy access during an emergency.
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