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Wooden Cable Organizer Keeps your Desk Clear of Clutter

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If your workdesk is anything like ours, there are probably dozens of cables running all over it. Even with quite a few wireless devices, we still have cables for power, USB devices and video monitors among others. Trying to keep everything neat and tidy is such a chore. Recently someone in the office bought a Wooden Cable Organizer. It is a simple cord management gadget but we think it is pretty neat and we think you would like it too.

The Wooden Cable Organizer is from Akwox. They are mainly known for their tempered glass screen protectors so the cord organizer is kind of a surprising product. It is just a block of wood with several notches on it for holding cables in place. To keep it in position on your desk, there is a piece of sticky tape at the bottom. Nothing fancy but it is an elegant solution.

The main reason why we liked the Akwok Wooden Cable Organizer is because it matches our office desks. If you don’t have a wooden desk or if you prefer one that is made from other materials like plastic or metal, there are plenty of other options to choose from.

There are two different notch sizes on the Wooden Cable Organizer. The 2 bigger sized ones are perfect for thick power cables while the 3 smaller ones fit slimmer USB and other cables. There are several ways you can position and use the cable organizer. You can place it on top of your desk. Or you can stick it on the rear edge of your desk to keep it hidden if there is space. Last but not least, you can stick it vertically on a table leg. However, when placed vertically, the cables tend to slip off easily so we won’t recommend the 3rd option.
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Where to Buy Akwok Wooden Cable Organizer

The Wooden Cable Organizer provides easy access to your cables, in the position that you want. No more messy cables or loosing cables behind your desk.

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