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Unless you are an experienced chef, following vague recipe instructions such as “cook at medium heat for 10-15 minutes” or “simmer for 30 minutes” can be quite challenging. How do you set your stove to medium heat? Do you just turn the cooker knob to the halfway point between low and high? What temperature is simmering temperature? Don’t worry because Meld is here to take away the ambiguity and make cooking simple for everyone.

The Meld Knob is a smart knob that replaces your existing knob on your existing gas or electric cooktop. It works in tandem with the Meld Clip and the Meld App to turn your cheap, low tech stove into a digital, high tech cooking appliance that can simmer, slow cook, poach, fry and even sous vide to perfection.

The Meld Knob allows you to set your cooking to a specific temperature. It does this by communicating wirelessly with the Meld Clip which is actually a wireless thermometer that is clipped to your existing cookware. The Meld Knob automatically adjusts the burner up and down according to the temperature feedback it receives from the Meld Clip.


The Meld App lets you set the temperature that you want and it contains hundreds of recipes. Just pick one of the recipes and the Meld system will automatically control the burner to set the perfect temperature as you cook. You can of course add your own recipes.

Meld is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. If you are interested to be among the first to own your very own Meld equipped cookware, head on over to Meld’s Kickstarter page.

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