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We are back again with yet another travel pillow review. It is our endless quest to find the perfect travel pillow. In the course of our quest, we suffer endless sleepless nights so that you don’t have to. This time, we test out the Hooded Neck Pillow by Grand Trunk.

The Hooded Neck Pillow has a simple concept. It pairs a memory foam neck pillow with a blackout hood. On paper, it doesn’t seem all that unique. After all, you can always use an eye mask with a neck pillow. But strangely, it works surprisingly well.

As far as neck pillows go, this ultra-comfy memory foam pillow, we don’t have much to complain about comfort or neck support. It doesn’t provide as much support as some of the fancier neck pillows we have previously reviewed. However, many are perfectly happy with the standard neck pillow design. The fabric cover is soft and does not cause any skin discomfort.

The blackout hood is the pièce de résistance and it is what makes the Hooded Neck Pillow stand out. While an eye mask works equally well in blocking out light, the hood feels more natural as there is no pressure on your eyes or face. It feels more like sleeping in a darkened room. Pair this with a pair of good noise cancelling earphones and you can have total bliss. It is like being all alone while in the midst of a crowd.

Because it is made from memory foam, the neck pillow does take up quite a bit of space when not in use. While it comes with a handy storage bag, you probably have to clip it to your luggage to carry it around. The hood is detachable from the pillow if you only want to use it as a neck pillow.
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