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8BitDo Zero – Smallest Bluetooth Controller Ever

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Gaming on smart devices with touchscreens has changed how we play games. Instead of a controller with physical buttons, we tap and swipe to interact with the game. However, many popular mobile games rely on the classic joypad and buttons control scheme. But virtual controls are a poor alternative to an actual physical controller like the 8BitDo Zero.

Many smartphone mobile games support wireless Bluetooth controllers. However, lugging around a controller that is larger and heavier than your smartphone is not really a viable option. Especially for gamers who want to game on the go.

The 8BitDo Zero is targeted at those who prefer a physical controller but in a miniscule form factor. The controller is so small, it looks more like a toy. However, after playing just a few minutes with it, you’ll realize it is a very well built and high quality controller.

The joypad and buttons are responsive. Despite its small size, it has all the standard buttons to support most games including two shoulder buttons. The layout of the buttons and the design of the controller is reminiscent of the SNES controller. If there is one gripe, the controller may be too small for those with big hands.

The controller has support for iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS. Additionally, the controller also doubles up as remote shutter button for your smartphone’s camera. Because of its tiny size, you can attach the 8BitDo Zero to your keyring and have it with you at all times.

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Where to Buy 8Bitdo ZERO Bluetooth Wireless Gamepad

8BitDo ZERO is the world's tiniest and most powerful full-sized, wireless Bluetooth game controller. Works with iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS.

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