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Snoring is a serious problem that can actually lead to relationship problems among couples. There are countless products available on the market today that claim to solve snoring problems. And they all fall under one of two categories. The first category are products that claim to prevent or reduce snoring. The second category are products that help the hapless and sleepless snorer’s partner get some relief by cutting out or muffling out the snoring sounds by using some kind of earplug. The QuietOn Sleep belongs to the latter category.

Both categories have their own pros and cons. Devices that prevent snoring are often awkward to wear during sleep. They may not work for everyone and its effectiveness may depend a lot on the user’s sleeping position. Earplugs can get uncomfortable as well if you sleep on your side. Furthermore, foam based earplugs are only effective against high frequency noises. Low frequency noises like snoring don’t get filtered out effectively. That is why loud music with low bass can easily penetrate through walls and cause such a headache to neighbors.

QuietOn Sleep uses the same technology as noise cancelling earphones. Instead of just blocking noise from entering your ears, it uses advanced technology and a built-in microphone to capture your surrounding sounds and instantly produces phase-shift sound that cancels the original sound from your surrounding.

While you can still have a normal conversation with the earplugs active, it is possible to switch off the noise cancelling mode by just tapping on the earplugs.

However there are two important differences between a pair of noise cancelling headphones you use on a plane and the QuietOn Sleep. Firstly, the QuietOn Sleep is small and lightweight with soft cushioning. They also come with different ear tips sizes to fit most if not all ear sizes.

Secondly, the QuietOn Sleep is specifically designed and optimized for cancelling out snoring noises. While noise cancelling earphones do work for snoring noises, they do not perform as well as they are mainly designed for noises such as low rumbling noises from plane engines. Engineers at QuietOn analyzed hundreds of audio tapes of snoring recordings and tweaked the noise cancelling technology to reduce snoring noises as much as possible.

The QuietOn Sleep has built-in rechargeable batteries that last up to 20 hours on a single charge. Also included with each pair of earplugs is a carrying case that also doubles up as a charging station. To charge, just place earplugs into the case and plug in the micro USB cable.

If you want to grab a pair of the QuietOn Sleep either for yourself or your poor suffering sleeping partner, just head on over to QuietOn’s Indiegogo campaign page. It is still possible to grab the early bird perk that gives you almost 40% off the eventual retail price.

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