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Cake Samurai – Liven Up the Birthday Party

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Another year, another birthday. Another birthday cake, same old birthday song. Do you dread celebrating yet another birthday? Make things a whole lot more interesting with the Cake Samurai cake knife from Fred & Friends.

You can always trust Fred & Friends to transform ordinary and mundane objects and turn up the fun factor a few notches. The Cake Samurai is a cake knife in the shape of (what else?) a samurai sword.

When the singing is done, you can jump into action with your sword swinging. Will you stealthily cut up the cake with a few masterful sword strokes? Or will you totally mutilate the birthday cake that your Aunt Edna took hours to bake? It is totally up to you.
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Where to Buy Cake Samurai Cake Knife

Swiftly, silently, and deftly cut any cake with Cake Samurai. Product is completely dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Serve your cake like a warrior.

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