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We reviewed the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum not too long and we were very impressed with its capabilities and how effective it was at vacuuming floors and keeping the home clean and dust free. Therefore when we heard about the Xiaomi Electric Mop, we were quite excited to find out what else can Xiaomi produce that can make our lives even easier.

As it turned out, the Xiaomi Electric Mop is very different from what we envisioned. We were expecting yet another self cleaning mopping robot something along the lines of the iRobot Braava. But what we got is not a self cleaning robot but a manually operated high tech electric mop that does a pretty good job at cleaning with minimal effort from the user.

Firstly, the Xiaomi Electric Mop looks something like a standing vacuum cleaner. It has a long handle with a box-like cleaning head at the bottom end. It is wireless so you don’t have to worry about plugging it in or making sure that the cord is long enough as you use it. However, unlike a traditional mop, it doesn’t have a mop head with strands of cloth. Instead, it uses cloth cleaning pads that many new floor cleaning mops use.

In fact, the Xiaomi Electric Mop comes with not one but three different types of cleaning pads. The standard pad does have tiny soft and hard fibre tendrils. This pad works best if you need to do some heavy duty wet scrubbing of the floors to remove stubborn dirt. The second pad is electrostatic pad that is designed to attract and pick up dirt and hair. Lastly, it also comes with disposable biodegradable pads for those who are environmentally conscious.

What makes the Xiaomi Electric Mop better than any standard mop, and in our opinion, better even than the iRobot Braava, are the high speed electric motors mounted on its cleaning head. These motors vibrate at speeds of up to 1,000 oscillations per minute thus giving your floors a very good scrub. So instead of just gently gliding a cleaning pad over your floor area, you are actually scrubbing the entire area!

The motors are powered by a 2,000 mAh rechargeable battery that lasts about an hour on a full charge. That should be enough time to clean an area about 300 to 400 meters square. A full recharge requires about 3 hours though so if you live in a mansion, you may have to split up your floor cleaning schedule to multiple sessions.

The Xiaomi Electric Mop supports wet cleaning as well as dry cleaning. Inside the cleaning head is a liquid reservoir that can be used to store water, cleaning fluids or even wooden floor oils. A button on the handle triggers a water pump to spray a fine mist as you clean. An LED light mounted on the head helps to light up any dirt. The mop head is mounted on a joint that allows it to easily swivel around corners and to fit under tight spaces.

The Xiaomi Electric Mop may not be the hands-free robotic mopping assistant that we were hoping for but it does do a very good job of heavy duty cleaning while requiring minimal effort. You may not be using it on a daily basis but perhaps once a week to give your home a thorough cleaning.

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