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GetdatGadget Top 10 Gadgets

Another month and it’s time for another GetdatGadget Top 10 Gadget list. For August, again we have quite a few perennial favorites that keep on hogging our Top 10 chart but we also have a couple of exciting newcomers and we have a couple of old favorites that has reappeared on our chart. First, the gadgets that are making a repeat appearance from last month:


Six gadgets managed to keep their spot in the Top 10 from the previous month. They are

  1. Looq Extended Selfie Arm with Auto Shutter
  2. Flux Capacitor Car Charger
  3. Extendable Handheld Selfie Stick
  4. GabbaGoods Selfie Camera Remote Shutter
  5. Batarang Style Pocket Knife
  6. Kootek Bluetooth Remote

The new entries and returning gadgets to the August Top 10 lists are

M8 TV Box

M8 Android Set Top Box

The M8 Android Set Top Box is one of the new breed of Android devices that is utilizing the next generation of ARM Cortex chipsets. The M8 uses the new quad-core S802 chip from AmLogic that also features an octa-core GPU that supports 4K video decoding and output. If you are one of the lucky ones who owns a 4K TV, you should pair it with the M8 TV Box.

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Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin Plus

The Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin Plus is a simple and yet awesome time-saving tool for the kitchen. With the help of removable plastic rings of various sizes, this adjustable rolling pin lets you roll out your dough to the correct thickness, every time. No more wasting time and guesswork to get even thickness on your piece of dough.

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Jac Zagoory Beta Inkless Pen

Jac Zagoory Beta Inkless Pen

The Jac Zagoory Beta Inkless Pen is more of a hybrid between a pen and a pencil. It writes like a pencil leaving a trail of metal deposits that looks like pencil markings. However, unlike pencil markings, the writing does not smudge, cannot be erased and is even waterproof. This inkless pen does not require sharpening or ink cartridges. It never runs out of ink.

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OLED Smart Watch Bracelet

Smart watches are the latest “in thing” today. There are many options available on the market today. However, if you are looking for a smart watch to try out that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, this inexpensive OLED Smart Watch Bracelet might be just what you are looking for. It has an OLED display that displays caller ID, you can answer and hang up calls, read text messages, control music playback, use as an activity tracker and has a vibration mode for alerts.

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