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I’m Batman. OK I’m not Batman but holding the Batman Twin Blade Batarang Style Pocket Knife in my hand sure makes me feel a whole lot more like Batman. I’m not sure if I really need a pocket knife but this is a very cool and very well designed pocket knife…I mean batarang. It would definitely please any die-hard Batman fan.

The Batman Twin Blade Batarang Style Pocket Knife is made from high grade stainless steel and held together using well secured bolts. The blades are made from 440 stainless steel and uses an assisted action open mechanism. There is also a safety locking mechanism. The blades are really sharp so this is definitely not a toy. Keep Robin away from the batarang.

Batman Twin Blade Batarang

To clip on to your Batman utility belt, there is a belt clip on the batarang.

The knife measures 7.5″ with both blades fully opened and 3.5″ with the blades closed.

If that sounds a little too puny for you, you can always go for the larger 11″ version of the Batarang Pocket Knife which measures about 6″ with the blades closed. Maybe that will strike a little more fear to the nightlife scums but it is much less portable compared to the 7.5″ version.

I’m Batman.

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