Smart watches is currently the in thing in wearable technology. Everyone and their mother has a smart watch offering or has at least one in their pipeline. It is inevitable that prices will drop once competition sets in but what we never expected is to see a sub $100 smart watch appearing on the market so fast. However, not only is this OLED Smart Watch Bracelet below $100, it is way below.

This OLED Smart Watch Bracelet seems to be available under a few different brand names but they all seem to be the same product. In terms of features, it offers all the important features that other smart watches are offering. This includes a display for caller ID display and you can answer and hang up calls. This is very handy for determining whether you should answer a call without removing the phone from your pocket or bag. You can answer a call using the built in speaker and microphone.

It has a vibration feature that informs you of incoming calls. You can view your contacts and text messages on the watch. It can be used to control the music playback and it has pedometer functions. The smart watch will also vibrate when it loses connectivity with your phone. This feature prevents losing your phone or leaving it behind.

Wireless communication is via Bluetooth V3.0. It has a 1300 mAh rechargeable battery that is recharged via USB.

The display screen is OLED which is a rather pleasant surprise for a low cost model. We are not so sure about the use of a bracelet design instead of a watch strap but the bracelet design was chosen to give the watch a more fashionable look.



Where to Buy OLED Smart Watch Bracelet


OLED Smart Watch Bracelet

A really Inexpensive OLED Smart Watch Bracelet at way below $100.

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