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It is a good habit to lock your computer when you walk away from your office or work desk. However, not many of us are disciplined enough to do this. We either forget or it is just too troublesome to type in our passwords every time we get back to our computers. We knowingly put ourselves at risk because just about anyone can access your computer and everything stored in it. Protect yourself and your computer with the GateKeeper wireless lock, a simple device that makes sure that your computer gets automatically locked every time you walk away from it.

The GateKeeper wireless lock system is sort of similar to Bluetooth tracking devices, the ones that you attach to a keychain or your wallet to make sure that you don’t lose them. It consists of two main devices, a USB dongle that you attach to any free USB port on your laptop or computer, and a wireless tag about the size of USB flash drive that you carry with you.

The way it works is pretty simple. When the USB dongle and the wireless tag are apart and out of range of each other, it triggers the GateKeeper system to lock the computer thus preventing anyone from accessing it. Once you walk back in range, the system automatically unlocks your computer and you can continue where you left off.

The GateKeeper has two other modes which provides you with extra protection depending on the level of security that you require and how paranoid you are. The first alternative mode requires you to physically touch the tag to the dongle in order to unlock your computer. The second and most secured mode requires the tag to be in close proximity plus you still need to key in your password to unlock your computer. This basically creates a two-factor authentication protection.

A lanyard neckstrap is included and that is where we attached the GateKeeper during testing. You can attach the tag to a keychain as well but we find that the range detection can get a little wonky with the tag in our pocket. On the other hand, you can actually use the tag as a standard item tracker. Just download and install the free app on your phone and you can get the tag to beep if it is within Bluetooth range.

You can adjust how far you are away from the computer before your computer gets locked. Too close and you might get accidentally locked out even though you are in front of your computer but you don’t want to set it too far as well. After all, you don’t want your computer to be left unlock should you decide to flirt around with the cute new intern who is sitting just a couple of desks away.

Should you lose either the dongle or the tag, don’t worry as you can always unlock your computer the old fashion way by keying in your password. That is if you haven’t already forgotten it already.
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