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If you own a personal library, would you love to add a touch of class to your collection of books? How about making sure that whoever borrows them returns them to you? You can do both by embossing your books with a customized handheld Personal Library Book Embosser.

The Personal Library Book Embosser looks a lot like a stapler and comes with personalized embossing plates that adds your initials or name to the embossing. Make your favorite books look elegant and stylish. There are a few different embossing designs available that you can choose from.

Personal Library Book Embosser

The Personal Library Book Embosser can simultaneously handle multiple sheets of paper or up to 80 pounds paper with less effort. It has an impression area of 1 5/8” and comes with an embossing die and felt base so it won’t slip when being used. You can even choose a design to create your very own personalized stationery such as envelopes, writing paper, invitation cards, greeting cards, and official documents. The embossing plates can be replaced so different users can share the same embosser.

The Personal Library Book Embosser can add style, elegance and class to your library or even your business. It also makes an excellent gift to your friends, family or anyone who love and collect books.
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