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We love gadgets that help us organize and store stuff. In fact, one of the most popular gadgets on the site is the Refrigerator Sliding Drawer, a simple but great device that creates additional storage space in your refrigerator literally out of thin air. That is why we got pretty excited when we got to know about the Zip n Store. It is much more than just a simple device but a set of apparatus that literally revolutionizes the way we store, organize and find food.

The Zip n Store uses the ever popular ziplock bags for food storage. Ziplocks are a cheap and convenient way to store food and make it last longer. However, throwing everything in ziplocks and dumping them in the refrigerator is not a very organized way to store food. Furthermore, putting food into ziplocks can be more difficult than it sounds and can be quite a messy affair especially with wet or liquid foods.

The Zip n Store has a solution for this. It is the Chop n Fill mat. This flexible mat can be folded to create a funnel that makes transferring food into a ziplock an easy task. What’s more, it also doubles up as a cutting board so you don’t have to waste time moving ingredients from one surface to another.

However, the one gadget in the Zip n Store storage system that really caught our eye is the Cold n Store slide out unit and refrigerator side door unit. Both versions of the device does the same thing that is to organize food that are stored in ziplock bags in a refrigerator or cabinet. The Cold n Store has special notches that are designed to fit most ziplock bags. The slide out unit are designed to be installed under a refrigerator or cabinet shelf. The side door unit fits into most refrigerator door trays.

Hanging the ziplock bags vertically makes it much easier to identify and pick what you need without rummaging through bags that are stacked haphazardly. Since you can easily see what you have stored, it is less likely to forget about it and let it go to waste. By hanging the bags from under the shelf, you are also making use of the usually wasted space and maximizing storage space in your refrigerator.

The third device in the Zip n Store storage system is the Freeze n Stack. It is a simple compartmentalized plastic tray that lets you divide your food into multiple portions as you freeze them. Imagine if you were to freeze a large portion of soup or pasta. When you want to defrost it, you either have to waste energy and defrost everything or hack away with a knife to cut out a smaller portion. With the Freeze n Stack, your soup or pasta gets separated into multiple portions that you can easily break apart according to your needs.

It is not so difficult to see why the Zip n Store was such a huge success when it was crowd sourced on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo raising over $300k in total. If you missed out on the campaign, don’t worry because you can still place your order and get the Zip n Store in December, just in time for Christmas!
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