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Fingerprint sensors are becoming more and more common on smartphones. Once only available on flagship phones, now they are becoming a standard feature on mid-range phones as well. It is not surprising why fingerprint login has taken off as not only makes it no longer necessary to remember complex passwords, it is much, much quicker to login as it takes just a split second to read and register your fingerprint. That is why it is rather surprising that fingerprint login is not so common on laptops. Fortunately, you can add this very useful feature to just about any Windows laptop with a USB Fingerprint Module.

The USB Fingerprint Module looks pretty much like a USB dongle for a wireless mouse or other RF wireless devices except that perhaps it sticks out a little bit more. At the end of the module is the fingerprint sensor itself. Just plug it into any unused USB port and install the software.

Once installed properly on your laptop, you now have the option of using a simple finger swipe to unlock your computer. The sensor is capacitive which is the same technology used by smartphone sensors. That means that it is just as accurate and just as fast.

On the USB Fingerprint Module, there is also an LED indicator light. When the light is blue, it means that the sensor is ready to accept a fingerprint input. If it is green, it means the fingerprint has been verified and accepted. If it is red, it means the input has failed and is not accepted.

Fingerprint sensor modules for PCs are not exactly new but previously they are rather large and is usually in the form of some kind of pad that you need to place somewhere. With the USB Fingerprint Module, you can just leave it attached to your USB port and not worry about having to plug it in every time you want to login to your computer.

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